3 weeks ago we set up on the adventure of a lifetime: to launch the first digital bank in Africa. We wanted to make sure we would build a product and service that people would love. A product that would be unique and a product that you will continuously tell all your friends and family about.

The landing page

It’s natural, before you build a business you need to talk to customers to see if they really need your product or service. Most people call this the Mom Test. What is the Mom Test? “The Mom Test is a quick, practical guide that will save you time, money, and heartbreak. They say you shouldn’t ask your mom whether your business is a good idea, because she loves you and will lie to you”. So to get really good feedback from people, we had to talk to them and let them know, in the simplest way possible, what Zazu will be doing. And the feedback was amazing.

  • 53% wanted a new bank.
  • 14% had no bank at all.

Those that wanted a new bank, were fed up with really bad experiences from their current banks. From long queues, to unexplained charges and sub-par customer service. They simply wanted a new and better experience.

The ones that didn’t have a bank account, explained their hopes and ideals. Some of them didn’t know what banks did. So we wrote a blog ‘What do Banks really do?’’ and from that, a sizable number of you got in touch asking us to write or teach people about financial literacy. In particular, how do people save money?

This question was particularly popular from people living or working in the Copperbelt. Of everyone who got in touch with us asking about financial literacy, the majority were in the Copperbelt, so we decided to actually do something about this. In September, we will be teaching 2 000 people about saving, lending, borrowing and how to run a business from an accounting point of view. Initially we wanted to host real life sessions but we realised we couldn’t possibly do that. So we decided to do it via your mobile phone. Watch this space.

Designing Our Website

As we spoke to more and more people, we were asking about their financial habits. And it came out that everyone was concerned about their future. They wanted to understand exactly how much money they had at that moment. When they spent something, they wanted instant feedback so they can never be overdrawn.

We sat down and looked at our website and asked ourselves, does this communicate what we want to do? And it was a strong no. So our current website is our attempt to share more about our vision, product and the first steps to create a community. We would absolutely love it if you would tell us your thoughts and feelings about the new website.