Zazu wants to be Africa’s first digital-only bank. It is extremely expensive to open and operate bank branches, especially in developing countries. As a result, people do not have bank accounts. And they don’t interact with financial services at all. We want to change this. We want to provide a service that other banks cannot offer: a bank that is easy to approach, a bank that tells you exactly what you are spending & a bank that takes away all the unnecessary fees. We want to build a bank that helps you manage your money better, so that you can achieve your objectives, from building a house to a weekend escape.

Extremely bad service is very very common among African banks. From the scary security guards outside, to the grumpy overworked bank teller. Most banks seem to be relics of colonialism in which the customer is made to feel uncomfortable. Despite giving them your money. There is no reason why in today’s age we should still feel down when heading to the bank knowing the queue we’ll be facing. Nor should we get demoralised by the amount of paperwork to fill in to simply open an account. Not to talk about the money disappearing from our accounts when we use the ATM. Zazu wants to answer all of these questions and more. We are building a bank to change all of this. A bank which answers to you.

Here is the roadmap.

In September 2017 we will launch with 1500 pre paid debit cards. We want to give these out to people who regularly use cards to make payments, because we want to understand how to develop our app to be the best it can.

In November 2017 we will release Zazu Pay. Which will allow merchants across the country to accept digital payments. Easily.

In January 2018, we hope to have received the Banking Licence from the Bank of Zambia and we hope to launch our digital bank only.

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